You have cherished an idea in mind. And that’s not just a figment of imagination. That’s a cultivated thought since yeas as to how you would live. A constructed address will nullify the thought. A slice of Land will foster the thought. Seeing one, your imagination will take wings. Wide and stretched wings.

Cultivate your ideas, imagination, figments, eccentricities and your soul into the home you are gonna build. Start from the thought, End with a masterpiece. Get a fascinating structure. Call it your Home, A land can work wonders!


  • Wide concrete roads, Sewage, Drains, Adequate water supply and complete electrification.
  • 24x7 Secured campus.
  • Maximum Greenery, maximum life.
  • 6 lane approach road from Bhopal & Hoshangabad Road.
  • Secured Campus, no encroachment, call it good for transferable employees.
  • Build as per your choice, save money.
  • A unique project of its kind on the road.
  • Apt for investment, Wonder Township.
  • Street lighting in entire campus.
  • Adequate water supply with overhead water Tank.
  • Based on Vastu.
  • Underground cabling for electrification
  • Beautiful Entrance Gate


  • It’s actually Plush Luxury.
  • The township is worked to details.
  • Meticulous, scrupulous & punctilious.
  • Ok, No more hard-hitting words.
  • The township is simply a piece crafted with soul, sweat and blood.
  • A Monalisa of townships.

Layout Plan

Location Map